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GARDENERS DIARY - Updated 17th April 2018 - Bookmark this page for regular updates

Hugh has been head gardener at LMC since 2012. Prior to that he ran a successful gardening company specialising in the care of large private gardens and the design and installation of new gardens and planting schemes.

Since being at LMC Hugh has been instrumental in rejuvenating the stream garden and the redesigned cascades, as well as a host of more subtle changes designed to refresh and enliven the garden.

Magnolias - April 2018

Spring really does seem to have arrived at last. The extended cold and wet start to the year has finally given way to warmer and brighter weather. I expect Nature will now make up for lost time and we will have an accelerated spring. Weeds are already growing right in front of our eyes and grass too!  From now on it will mean mowing twice a week.

At long last the Magnolias are beginning to bloom. Last year our five magnificent Magnolia soulangeana var. ‘Alba Superba’ started to flower in February. This year they have waited for April, fully six weeks later.  Normally they precede their cousins Kobus and Leonard Messil, but this year they are all flowering together, and unusually they will also be flowering alongside the cherries. Mid-April onwards is going to be very colourful.


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soulangeana+ # ,-) #%.

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