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GARDENERS DIARY - Updated 5th February 2019 - Bookmark this page for regular updates

Hugh has been head gardener at LMC since 2012. Prior to that he ran a successful gardening company specialising in the care of large private gardens and the design and installation of new gardens and planting schemes.

Since being at LMC Hugh has been instrumental in rejuvenating the stream garden and the redesigned cascades, as well as a host of more subtle changes designed to refresh and enliven the garden.

February 2019

As I said last time, winter is behind-the -scenes gardening, the only time when certain things can be done because the rest of the year is so busy.  Already this winter we have re-defined several beds and borders, added extra planting and opened up one “small” corner of the garden.  The weather has been fairly kind: a decent amount of rain but no snow and no time lost to winter conditions.

Last week we finished planting 8000 snowdrops.  Only the most common Galanthus nivalis, but planted in large swathes under the Magnolia soulangeana and elsewhere, so that from next year there will be a dramatic display in February.  For me snowdrops work equally well as a carpet viewed from a distance, just as much as they delight galanthophiles when appreciated close-up.

Along the sides of the steps that run down from the first lake towards the Gunnera, we have built up the borders by adding old logs and tree stumps and planted among them ferns and bulbs, as well as shrubs. Although it all looks a bit new at the moment, as soon as the plants start growing away it should be a lovely display of evergreen fernery and spring colour.  On the more mundane side, on-going projects include the repair of, and installation of, a new land drain and the partial re-sealing of the small round pond.  

With a very mild spell forecast for the week ahead we will make a start on pruning Viburnum bodnantense and Mahonia lamarifolia and getting the cutting garden shipshape for the coming season.  


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