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GARDENERS DIARY - Updated 17th May 2018 - Bookmark this page for regular updates

Hugh has been head gardener at LMC since 2012. Prior to that he ran a successful gardening company specialising in the care of large private gardens and the design and installation of new gardens and planting schemes.

Since being at LMC Hugh has been instrumental in rejuvenating the stream garden and the redesigned cascades, as well as a host of more subtle changes designed to refresh and enliven the garden.

Roses - June 2018

June means roses.  Lots of them, and this year is looking like the best for a while.  Perhaps it was the wet start to the year or because I pruned them differently (not cut as hard back, just a light prune in March), but the recent mini-heatwave has brought them on a treat and they look great.  Weighed down with buds they are now starting to flower in abundance.  They are a must see.

Update on the wildflower meadow.  Each year I wait with baited breath to see how many orchids, Common Spotted, are going to show up.  I have done what I can to encourage them and it might be paying off.  At the weekend I spotted the first one and yesterday I spotted five.  So obviously the soil conditions support their growth.  I will keep you posted.  Either way the meadow is looking great.


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