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GARDENERS DIARY - Updated 17th May 2018 - Bookmark this page for regular updates

Hugh has been head gardener at LMC since 2012. Prior to that he ran a successful gardening company specialising in the care of large private gardens and the design and installation of new gardens and planting schemes.

Since being at LMC Hugh has been instrumental in rejuvenating the stream garden and the redesigned cascades, as well as a host of more subtle changes designed to refresh and enliven the garden.

Camassia - May 2018

Each week in my blog I highlight just one or two aspects of the garden of particular interest, although at this time of year there are many different parts of the garden, and plants in particular, that are of special interest.

Our wildflower meadow is one such: an area of outstanding natural beauty containing a number of stunning individuals.  None more so than Camassia.  Following on from other, more illustrious, gardens (big thanks to HRH), I introduced Camassia three or four years ago.  And while they have always looked good, this year they are the best yet.  Perhaps the wet spring helped or it is just that they have settled in, but the effect of blue and purple subtly displayed amongst the grasses and accompanied by vibrant meadow buttercups is so good.  There are two varieties, the taller and showier C. leichtlinii caerulea and the shorter C. esculenta, ‘Quamash’.  This emerges looking to all the world like a bluebell before the flower bud opens to reveal the most lovely purple petals.


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soulangeana+ # ,-) #%.

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