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GARDENERS DIARY - Updated 9th May 2019 - Bookmark this page for regular updates

Hugh has been head gardener at LMC since 2012. Prior to that he ran a successful gardening company specialising in the care of large private gardens and the design and installation of new gardens and planting schemes.

Since being at LMC Hugh has been instrumental in rejuvenating the stream garden and the redesigned cascades, as well as a host of more subtle changes designed to refresh and enliven the garden.

9th May 2019

On Monday we had over 400 visitors to the garden! Although not all that warm it was fine and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, helped in no small part by the flower festival in the priory and tea and cake.  

Now we are in to the month of May, the busiest time of year for gardeners when so much is growing. Luckily, we are getting a helping hand form the weather: some rain at last.

One part of the garden now starting to thrive is the wildflower meadow. A few years ago I planted a thousand Camassia and although good in previous seasons this year they are at their best. Last time I called them posh bluebells because the unopened buds look like emerging bluebells, but once open they reveal a much deeper blue-purple which can be appreciated close-up or at a distance.

On Monday I was very pleased to overhear some very positive remarks about the garden and the fernery in particular. It is remarkable how quickly this has become established and it is only going to get better. If you are visiting the garden and see the gardeners do say hello. It is great to talk.  



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